Public Murder Mystery Weekends

Public Murder Mystery Weekends


How Does It Work?

Private Murder Mystery Weekends can be run for groups of between 12 and 60 people and are no more expensive than the public events. With public Murder Weekends you watch the actors, interrogate them and try to solve the clues. With a private event you play the characters yourselves. Everybody attending is sent a Confidential Information File prior to the weekend. This contains their profile, explaining their character, their relationships with the other characters and instructions on what they have to do. For example, you may be told to go to a particular room at 2:30 on Saturday afternoon and steal a painting without being seen or you may suddenly be challenged to a duel over breakfast. You would be told how to react but would not know the outcome of the duel until you were handed a further envelope 10 minutes before the duel. This type of event is much more fun for groups of people that know each other.

Where Is It Held?

You can choose any venue you wish anywhere in the country. Most hotels are happy to accommodate a small group on a Murder Mystery Weekend. If you let us know the area of the country you wish to go to & your budget then we can arrange the rest. However, we do have a number of venues with which we have negotiated special rates. These range from four star hotels to castles, where you have the complete run of the castle (and dungeons!!) for the weekend.

How Much Does It Cost?

Prices start from £275 including VAT per person for a four star hotel complete with all facilities such as health club etc. If you wanted to take over a castle the price would be approximately £295 including VAT per person. These prices include a buffet, bed and breakfast on the Friday night and dinner, bed and breakfast on the Saturday night. We are happy to put together a package that suits your budget and choice of location/venue.

Do I Get Any Free Time?

Of course you do, this is meant to be a fun weekend. Join us on Friday and meet your fellow guests and find out who all the characters are. Strange events may start to happen and who knows, a murder may occur. Everybody gets together on Saturday morning (as late or as early as you wish!) and the plot starts to become clearer. What secrets are some of your colleagues hiding? You then have the rest of the day to yourselves u ntil about 4:00pm when the plot thickens. We resume over dinner and more crimes are committed. We can wrap things up on Saturday night or continue into Sunday morning/lunch time. It really is up to you and how you want the weekend to run.

A Typical Plot

You are invited to the launch of a blockbuster movie. This movie is going to make a lot of people a lot of money and where there’s money. there’s murder!!! You may be playing the producer, the stunt man or possibly an actor or actress who is in line for the lead role. You will witness the auditions for for the lead roles, the bitchiness of some of the actresses, the jealousies of others and the lengths that some people will go to get a slice of the action. Mad writers, drug crazed prima donnas and arty directors all make this a fun packed weekend. Who knows, you may even be murdered yourself.